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Corporativo Condesa

Corporativo Condesa
General Benjamín Hill 1

Located over the edge of Condesa next to the Russian embassy, the corporate project stems from the current renaissance happening in its surroundings. Corporativo Condesa takes part in encouraging development in the area and responds to its growing need of creating spaces for social development.

French architecture serves as a constant muse and Art Déco structures around inspire the design of the modern, efficient building. The use of aluminum, grilles, mullions and the façade details conjure up materials such as chrome and steel, which prevailed at the time.

The building resolves the unevenness of the terrain with a series of angles and breakages developed in several volumes that make up the construction. This volume fragmentation enhances its vertical aspect styling it in an organic way.

The ground floor is open, spacious and public. The highly transparent and double-height main lobby dominates the sidewalk. The back of the lobby is a monumental lamp made of stainless steel and unpolished glass. Small commercial units surround the lobby animating the sidewalks and the plaza, which has been furnished and landscaped for public recreation purposes.

Vehicular accesses are located in both sides of the terrain to prevent discomfort with pedestrian traffic. The wide motor lobby placed in basement 1 allows an efficient vehicular flow to help with traffic jams. With access to the main connecting roads in Mexico City, Corporativo Condesa takes part in a wider process of urban redevelopment.


Architectural design, coordination
and supervision:
Construction: MFINGENIEROS
Structural calculation: CADAE
Concrete manufacturer: CEMEX
Façade engineering : HEG
Double-glazed modular units: LINDES
Glass manufacturer: PPG
Hydraulic, sanitary, pluvial
and fire protection engineering:
Mechanical engineering: DYPRO; CYVSA
Mechanical equipment: DAIKIN
Lighting design: L+F LUZ Y FORMA
Monitoring, control, cctv
and security engineering:
Low-voltage electrical engineering: HIGH TEC SERVICES
Energy model+ commissioning LEED: IACSA
Landscape design: DLC
Cranes and gondolas: ESPAMEX
Elevators: SCHINDLER
Steel doors: MMI (PROA)
Decoration and furniture: ESRAWE

Design Team:

Josué Mejía
Teresa Pizano
Francisco Salazar
Aurelio Olascoaga
Julio González
Ana Alcántara
Angel Rivero

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