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Colonnier Arquitectos

About us

Colonnier Arquitectos is an architectural design firm that specializes in corporate, residential and commercial projects.

The firm was founded in 2005 with the intention of raising the level of design in Mexican commercial architecture to its maximum potential.

Integrated by more than 40 architectural design professionals, from different countries and diverse academic and cultural environments, the office is organized in horizontal and open teams that promote broad and free discussions.

The architectural proposals are generated through collaborations that cover all the stages, as well as all the disciplines of the project fostering innovative and technically well-founded solutions.

The studio is located on the Insurgentes corridor, in one of the most important and fastest growing corporate zones in Mexico City. The facilities have the most sophisticated equipment and programs on the market, which allow the management of complex projects ensuring the quality, reliability and security of information and documentation.


“Jean Michel Colonnier’s take on architecture and the city is not dissimilar to that of Jerde, although his main vehicle to address the city and city life isn’t shopping but corporate architecture. He is—to date—mainly an architect of large office buildings, in which he aims to offer more than profitable square meters for his clients and comfortable work spaces for the people who use them on a daily

basis. He also wants the city and the citizen to benefit from them. Even though neither the client nor the brief specifically ask for such social add-ons, Colonnier believes it is crucial to tie his buildings to the city and generate life in and around them. This is not only motivated by a wish to provide benefit, but is also based on a firm conviction that it enhances the performance of the building.”

Hans Ibelings

INFUSING REAL ESTATE WITH ARCHITECTURAL QUALITY, Six works by Colonnier y Asociados, JEAN MICHEL COLONNIER 2005 – 2014, Arquine, 2015.